Delicious Seasonal Specials – 2021

Delicious Seasonal Specials 2021

Christmas is coming round fast – keep an eye out for these extra special treats!

Here at berry’s, we know you all eat ice cream year-round!  This festive season, keep an eye out for our Dark Chocolate & Orange Ice Cream, which has just won a star in the Great Taste Awards (have we mentioned that before?) and our ever-popular Mince Pie Ice Cream. Both of which can be enjoyed on their own, or alongside your favourite berry’s dessert. How about Pear Tart with a side of Mince Pie Ice Cream?

Of course for those who are feeling a little more traditional, our busy chefs have been making Mince Pies by hand from the freshest local ingredients making them utterly delicious and guilt free (as far as Christmas treats go anyway!). They come in presentation boxes of 8 (ideal to pop into the Christmas hamper for the grandparents), catering boxes of 32 (for those families who know how to pace themselves over Christmas) and a new addition for this year, catering boxes of 60 (for those of us who just can’t resist!).

Or why not sort your full list of Christmas desserts with us? Check out our products on the website, we’re sure there’s something for everyone. Winter favourites include Gooey Ginger Torte with Vanilla Ice Cream, or try something fruitier with our Herefordshire Apple Tart and a scoop of Salted Caramel.

So if you thought ice cream was strictly for Summer – think again. Our chefs are creating delicious, indulgent ice cream with seasonal twists, giving your traditional Christmas desserts a run for their money.


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