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Honeycomb ice cream

For over 30 years, Berry’s Luxury Ice Cream has been producing some of the most delicious ice cream in the country.

The story began back in 1980 when Rachel Hicks first produced a small range of artisan ice creams made with 100% cream and totally natural products, setting up Just Rachel Ice Creams.

Located in the heart of the Three Counties, the business has introduced more flavours to the range over the years including sorbets, a Vegan/Dairy-free range made with coconut cream, and a variety of totally delicious frozen desserts.  Rachel herself has retired and we are now known as Berry’s Luxury Ice Cream even though we still use the same methods to create our premium ice cream and the same recipes (with the odd tweak here and there!).

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Damson and Sloe Gin ice cream


The mission statement of the business has always been very clear and simple, to produce the very best hand-made and hand-poured ice cream using only natural ingredients with the juiciest, locally grown fruits wherever possible.

In 2024, Charlotte and John Young were delighted to become the proud new owners of the business. 


Berry’s Luxury Ice Creams, as the name suggests, reflects the rich history of using delicious, local, heritage fruits.  The stylish red and gold packaging reflects the quality of the product as well as standing out on the shelves as it is completely different to other brands.

Berry’s has continued to improve that award-winning taste and expand the range of flavours and desserts and looks forward to serving its loyal customers around the country.


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